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Sony FDR-AX53
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Review of the Sony FDR-AX53 4K HD Camcorder

Verdict: The newly released replacement for the classic FDR-AX33 – the FDR-AX53 4K HD Camcorder will serve as an extension to Sony's popular high-end 4K handycam lineup. This camcorder combines the latest of shooting technology while retaining only the best parts from its predecessor: a relatively compact...

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2 years ago
Nerd Techy

4 stars for the price.

Verdict: There's a few limitations for sure. Control of the exposure AND frames per second at the same time. Difficult to create and reduce a depth of field. I don't believe a filter will help with the depth of field as you still have to struggle with the frame speed, but Hey!

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1 month ago

Good camera, bad user interface

Verdict: Excellent camcorder with tons of features. I'm dropping two stars because the user interface is horrible, clumsy, and non-intuitive. In order to change resolution, for example, you have to first pick a codec.

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1 month ago

Great video camera

Verdict: Bought for a holiday to India and have been amazed at the quality of the videos taken. Zoom is brilliant and the graphics of fantastic. Have managed to take some superb videos of tiger and leopard which have made this purchase worth while. This video is easy to use ,light to carry and a good price.

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2 months ago

Very impressed with this Sony camera, my first experience with 4k, love the anti-shake mechanism

Verdict: My first experience with 4k resolution, the camera produces clear, precise images, its anti-shake mechanism is an enormous advance in technology, allowing for steady movement, even under zoom.

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3 months ago

SONY FDR-AX53 4K Ultra HD Camcorder - Black

Pros: Very easy to use, excellent build quality, excellent video quality
Cons: Would like sound level to have a manual override rather than auto level, so something with loud/soft sounds can be reproduced more realistically
4 months ago

Excellent resolution

Verdict: Easy to use. Excellent video quality. Compact size, a lot of options. Very satisfied.
5 months ago

Flimsy tripod socket

Verdict: As I was trying to isolate a vibration issue when filming machinery, I mounted the camcorder to a rigid articulating arm. It was instantly apparent where the problem was: the tripod socket is a joke!

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5 months ago
B&H Photo

Brilliant Video Camera Sony FDR AX53 4K

Verdict: I used this camera on our first Europe holiday for 2017 it was absolutely amazing with crisp and clear footage and sound as I only filmed using AVCHD 28M at 50P which looked brilliant on my HD TV I look forward to recording in 4K when I finally get a 4K TV to watch it on.

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6 months ago
JB Hi-Fi

Five Stars

Verdict: Unreal camera :) 1 week with it and im in love

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10 months ago

Great image sensor and features. Major image stabilization issues.

Pros: Nice features. Great auto control. Very small. Nice zoom levels. Very low noise in low light
Cons: Image stabilization issues. Keeps wandering when you stop panning. Must fight the camera to keep the subject centered. Image stabilization turns itself off whenever it wants to
Verdict: Takes great video, but has some major issues with image stabilization that I can't live with. a) The BOSS stabilization system overshoots when you pan. Pan along and when you stop panning, the lens keeps moving a bit and then comes back a bit.

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11 months ago
Verdict: I have been making films for over forty years and this camera makes it a pleasure to keep doing it. The quality of the video at all of the settings is great.

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2 years ago

Advanced but Fun

Pros: Durable, Great Features, Great Picture Quality
Cons: Vignetting Possible With
Verdict: An advanced camcorder but fun to use. Amazing stabilization makes a tripod almost redundant. Colour and sharpness are first class. I use it for nature photography for its speed. Zoom is very smooth. Care is needed when using a lens hood or stepping ring as vignetting may occur. Quite a bargain.

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2 years ago
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