User Reviews: 

Not great.

Verdict: Battery is awful doesn't even last an hour on full charge. Night light very dim. Doesn't pick up sound easily. Not a great product. Lullabies are ok.
3 months ago

Good features but poor quality

Verdict: The monitor only comes on when the baby makes a noise and It can take a little while before it picks up so baby can get quite distressed. The sound also drops in and out. Thought it was a faulty handset so exchanged it and the second isn't much better. Definitely wouldn't recommend!
9 months ago

Not good

Verdict: Only picks up certain sounds and has a delay, would not recommend for people who want to monitor baby/child, disappointed.
1 year ago
Smyths toys

The BEST audio monitors on the market!

Pros: 2-Way Audio, crystal clear audio, Remote Lullaby, Remote Nightlight, Remote thermostat
Cons: None
Verdict: We had a competitors model previously, and while it was too reliable, there would be frequent loud noises that would wake us up. This model does not have that issue, and has everything we need and more!
2 years ago
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