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Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K

Pros: Captures 360-degree video. Records in 4K. Wi-Fi with NFC. Standard tripod mount. Available with accessory bundle. Waterproof housing available
Cons: Disappointing smartphone and desktop software. Video edges are soft. Purple fringing in high contrast areas. 360-degree video has a long way to go
Verdict: Kodak brought one of the first 360-degree video cameras to market: the PixPro SP360. But its 1080p resolution simply didn't hold up to being stretched out into the format used to display 360-degree video on YouTube.

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1 year ago
PC Magazine

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K Review

Pros: 4K video recording, Ultra-wide 360x235 lens, 360 videos supported by YouTube and Facebook, Twin pack can record 360x360 video, Wide range of accessories included as standard (depending on pack purchased, Wi-Fi and NFC make it easier to control the camera
Cons: Software is difficult to use, Doesn't cope with loud music very well, Audio quality could be better, Tripod position is near the lens
Verdict: The Kodak SP360-4K is an update to the SP360, and offers 4K video at 30fps, as well as a wider-angle 360x235 degree lens. The SP360-4K is available on it's own or as a twin pack for a full 360x360 degree view once the videos are stitched together.

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1 year ago

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Review

Pros: Easy, fun to use, YouTube support, Weather-resistant body, Compact, lightweight, Good companion app
Cons: Mediocre image quality, Washed out colors, Full HD not available in panoramas, Can't view or share using standard software
Verdict: Panorama cameras like the SP360 are preparing us for a new way of viewing videos and photos in the future.

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2 years ago

Kodak Pixpro SP360

Pros: The Kodak Pixpro SP360 puts a rugged 360-degree camera in the palm of your hand. It can also be used as a more typical action cam capturing ultrawide-angle 1080p video. A large assortment of accessories is included
Cons: The 360-degree video is circular out of the camera and using Kodak's software to unfold clips to other views greatly reduces the quality of the video, which is merely good to start with, for the price.
Verdict: The Kodak Pixpro SP360's 360-degree video is fun to view and experiment with, while its regular full HD video means you're not stuck with a one-trick camera. The rest of the package could use some fine-tuning, though.

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2 years ago

Kodak PixPro SP360

Verdict: The Kodak PixPro SP360 is the World's first 360-degree action camera. With a unique 360o curved lens, the SP360 features a 16 Megapixel sensor, Full HD 1080p video, 10fps burst shooting, Wi-Fi and NFC Connectivity, wireless control with iOS and Android Devices, and is also shock, freeze, dust and...
3 years ago

Five Stars

Verdict: great product with this price point.use this so feel this .great costumer support fm kodak.
2 months ago

Great features for the price

Verdict: Well made, waterproof out of the box, good battery life, surprisingly good mics. The deal breaker for me was that the picture quality once you edit it out of 360 mode into flat aspects was too poor. No worse than some lower res cams but too bad for my use.
7 months ago

Inexpensive entry into 360

Verdict: This camera takes great 360 video and time lapse that you can manipulate in many way. For the price, it's a great camera. Unfortunately the iOS, Mac and Windows software that is included is barely functional, clunky, and counterintuitive.

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1 year ago
B&H Photo


Pros: Easy to Use, Easy To Use On Iphone, Good Image Stabilization
Cons: No External Mic Input, Not The Best Indoors, Poor In Low Light, Tripod Mount On Side
Verdict: This camera can be used to cover a 360 view and with YouTube software can be up loaded as a full 360 player. Waterproff case makes it possible to go almost anywhere. Use a phone as remote to see what the camera see. Can be used as 180 he camera.

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2 years ago

some included accessories not made for camera

Verdict: Camera is super cool, still needs to have accessories developed, kit comes with some vivitar accessories that kind of work with camera but since not designed for the 360 cam they need mod's done as they are incompatible with the case on the camera leaving it exposed to the elements. i.e.

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2 years ago

$349 for cell phone quality

Verdict: Purchased this in order to get some key shots to use in a project. No matter what the lighting condition were (well lit, studio, outdoors) video at the highest quality was useless for anything other than a webpage post on the internet.
2 years ago
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