Apricorn mSATA Wire - mSATA Enclosure and Upgrade Kit RM183 1


Aten Cat 5 USB 2.0 Extender RM2,153 1
Aten PU320 USB 3.0 Express Card RM249 1


Atto 20Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 (2-port) to 6Gb/s SAS/SATA (8-Port) Device RM4,232 1
Atto ExpressSAS H644 8-channel SAS Controller RM1,729 1
Atto ExpressSAS H6F0 16-channel SAS Controller RM3,001 1


Digi Edgeport/8 Multiport Serial Adapter RM1,856 1


HighPoint 2720SGL 8-port SAS RAID Controller RM932 1
HighPoint Rocket 620 Dual Port SATA 6Gb/s PCI-Express 2.0 Host Adapte RM208 1
HighPoint RocketRAID 2640X4 4-port SATA RAID Controller RM524 1
HighPoint RocketRAID 2680SGL 8-port SAS RAID Controller RM634 1
HighPoint RocketRAID 2710 4-port SAS RAID Controller RM1,116 1
HighPoint RocketRAID 2721 8-port SAS RAID Controller RM1,585 1
HighPoint RocketRAID 2722 8-port SAS RAID Controller RM1,611 1
HighPoint RocketRAID 2760 24-port SAS Controller RM3,416 1
HighPoint RocketRAID 600 HBA Series RM569 1
HighPoint RocketRAID 600L HBA RM569 1
HighPoint RocketRAID 640L 6Gb/s SATA RAID Host Adapter RM576 1
HighPoint RocketRAID 642L Serial ATA Controller RM618 1


HP 12Gb SAS Expander Card with Cables for DL380 Gen9 RM2,719 1
HP 82E 8Gb 2-port PCIe Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter RM7,570 1
HP H221 PCIe 3.0 SAS Host Bus Adapter RM1,184 1
HP H240 12Gb 1-port Int Smart Host Bus Adapter RM1,137 1
HP H241 12Gb 2-ports Ext Smart Host Bus Adapter RM1,268 1
HP mart Array P440/2GB FBWC 12Gb 1-port Int SAS Controller RM2,251 1
HP Smart Array P244br/1GB FBWC 12Gb 2-ports Int SAS Controller RM2,324 1
HP Smart Array P440ar/2GB FBWC 12Gb 2-ports Int SAS Controller RM2,808 1
HP Smart Array P840/4GB FBWC 12Gb 2-ports Int SAS Controller RM6,396 1


IBM Quatech DSC-100 2-port Serial PCI Board (Refurbished) RM105 1


Intel 8-port SAS Controller RM2,670 1
Intel 8-port SAS RAID Controller RM2,850 1
Intel Box Damaged RS3WC080 8-Port Internal RAID Controller, 12Gb/s SAS/SATA, LSI3008 based, RAID 0/1/10, Hybrid RAID 5/50, Low Profile with both bra RM1,345 1
Intel RAID Controller RS25AB080 RM4,060 1
Intel RAID Controller RS3DC040 RM2,155 1
Intel RAID Controller RS3DC080 RM2,960 1
Intel RAID Expander RES3TV360 RM2,007 1
Intel RAID Expander RS3MC044 RM3,076 1


Lenovo 43W4068 SAS Connectivity Card RM1,294 1
Lenovo ServeRAID M5110 SAS/SATA Controller RM1,237 1
Lenovo ServeRAID M5120 SAS/SATA Controller for Lenovo System x RM1,697 1
Lenovo ServeRAID M5210 SAS/SATA Controller for Lenovo System x RM1,232 1
Lenovo ThinkServer Gen 5 RAID710 PCIe Adapter RM3,400 1
Lenovo ThinkServer RAID 510i AnyRAID Adapter RM1,467 1


AddOn Cisco MEM-NPE-G1-FLD256 Compatible 256MB Factory Original Compa RM466 1
Areca ARC-1883i SAS Controller RM3,227 1
Areca ARC-1883x SAS Controller RM4,452 1
IOCrest 2 Port SATA III RAID PCI-E 2.0 x1 ASMedia Chipset RM147 1
IOCrest 50mm 1.8-inch Mini SATA SSD to standard 2.5-inch SATA interface Adapter RM90 1
IOCrest 70mm 2.5-inch Mini SATA SSD to standard 2.5-inch SATA interface Adapter RM90 1
IOcrest PCI Express PCIe USB 3.0 3+1 Port Card Etron Chipset LPB Molex Power RM126 1
IOcrest PCI Express PCIe USB 3.0 4 Port Card Etron Chipset Molex Power RM147 1
IOCrest PCIe 1 Interface 2-Port Eternal eSATA Controller Card 88SE9170 Chipset RM155 1
IOCrest PCIe 1 Interface 2-Port External e-SATA Controller Card 88SE9120 Chipset RM157 1
IOCrest PCIe 1 Interface 2-Port Internal SATA Controller Card 88SE9120 Chipset RM144 1
IOCrest PCI-E 1 Interface 4-PortSATA Controller Card With 88SE9215 Chipset RM236 1
IOCrest PCIe 2 Interface 4-Port Internal SATA Controller Card 88SE9235 Chipset RM273 1
IOCrest PCI-E 2 Interface 4-Port SATA Controller Card With 88SE9230 Chipset RM325 1
IOCrest PCI-E 2 Interface 4-Port SATA Controller Card With 88SE9235 Chipset RM293 1
IOcrest PCIe 4x Port Serial DB9 Card Moschip 9901 Chipset RM187 1
IOCrest PCI-E Combo Card With WCH382 Chipset and Low Profile Bracket RM123 1
IOcrest PCIe Firewire TI Chipset 2x 1394b 9 Pin 1x 1394a 6 Pin Ports RM154 1
IOcrest PCIe SATA II 4x Ports RAID Controller Card SIL3124 Chipset RM419 1
IOCrest PCI-X 32-Bit 66 MHz /64-Bit 133 MHz SATA2 RAID Controller Card 3.0Gbps RM267 1
IOCrest Revision 2.0 4-port SATA III PCIe using Marvell Chipset RM340 1
IOcrest SATA II Port Multiplier 5x Int. Ports with RAID JMB393 (5-Top) PCI Slot RM363 1
IOCrest Serial ATA150 4x Ports RAID Controller Card SIL3114 Chipset Retail RM138 1
IOCrest USB 3.0 2-port Header PCIe Card LPB Mole Power and Etron Chipset RM152 1
IOcrest USB External Floppy Disk Drive Support 1.44MB NEC Chipset RM141 1
IOCrest White USB 3.0 2.5-inch Plastic SATA6G HDD/ SSD Enclosure compact size RM104 1
SIIG DP eSATA 6Gb/s 2-Port PCIe RM204 1
StarTech.com 2 Port PCI Express 2.0 SATA III 6Gbps RAID Controller Ca RM519 1
StarTech.com Port multiplier controller card - 5-port SATA to single RM388 1
Syba 2-Port USB 3.0 PCI-Express Card Revision 1.0 Etron Chipset EJ168A With Full/ Low Profile Brackets RM94 1
SYBA 4 Internal + 4 External, 8 Ports PCI-Express x2 Slot RM707 1
SYBA 8 Internal SATA III Ports PCI-Express Card, PCI-e x2 Slot RM727 1
Syba Express Card PCIe Based True 2x Serial RS232 Port 34mm MCS9901 Chipset RM157 1
Syba Express Card USB 2.0 2x Ports 34mm NEC D720114 Chipset up to 480Mbps RM105 1
Syba Low Profile PCIe 1394b/1394a 2B1A Card TI Chipset Extra Regular Bracket RM220 1
Syba Mini PCI Express 2.0 2-Port SATA6G Card non-RAID ASM1061 Chipset 6.0Gbps RM136 1
Syba Mini PCI Express 2.0 2-Port USB3.0 Card Renesas D720202 Chipset 5.0Gbps RM141 1
Syba Mini PCI-E GB 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet LAN Controller With Realtek Chipset RM123 1
SYBA Multimedia 1:5 (5x1) Internal SATA II Port Multiplier (PM) RM300 1
SYBA Multimedia 1-port Parallel (Printer, LPT1, DB25) PCI-e Controlle RM141 1
SYBA Multimedia 1-port Parallel PCI-e Controller Card RM111 1
SYBA Multimedia 2 DB-9 Serial (RS-232) Ports PCI Controller Card, Net RM76 1
SYBA Multimedia 2-port FireWire Adapter RM110 1
SYBA Multimedia 4 Channels PCI Serial ATA II Raid Host Controller Car RM262 1
SYBA Multimedia 4 Serial Ports PCI-e x1 Controller Card RM187 1
SYBA Multimedia 6-Port RS-232 Serial PCI-Express, Revision 2.0; with RM325 1
SYBA Multimedia HyperDuo Solid-state Drive (SSD), and SATA 6G HDD PCI RM147 1
SYBA Multimedia IDE/SATA Data Transfer Adapter RM81 1
SYBA Multimedia PCI-Express Serial ATA II (SATA II) Card, 2x External RM126 1
SYBA Multimedia SATA III 4-port PCI-e Controller Card, with Full and RM219 1
SYBA Multimedia USB 3.0 2-port PCI-e Controller Card, Etron EJ168 Chi RM127 1
SYBA Multimedia USB 3.0 PCI-e Controller Card RM135 1
SYBA Multimedia USB Audio Adapter RM93 1
Syba PCIe 2.0 SATA 2E2I Jumper Setting 2 Internal/ External Port ASM106x Chipset RM128 1
Syba PCIe 2.0 x1 1x PATA and 2x eSATA SATA Combo Card Marvell 88SE9128 Chipset RM168 1
Syba PCIe 2.0 x1 SATA 6Gbps PATA SATA 1x e-SATA Combo Raid Card Marvell Chipset RM160 1
Syba PCIe 2x RJ45 1000-Base T Gigabit Ethernet Card Realtek Chipset IEEE 802.3x RM199 1
Syba PCI-Express USB 3.0 3+1 Port Card Renesas Chipset with LPB Molex Power RM123 1
Syba Revision 2.0 PCI-E SATA RAID Controller Card using Marvell Chipset RM271 1
Syba USB 1.1 to IEEE 1284 DB25 Printer/Parallel Port 12 Mbps PL-2305 chipset RM54 1
More NA


Netgear ProSafe Managed Switch M7100-24X RM26,757 1


SIIG Serial ATA 4-Channel RAID RM337 1


Sonnet Tempo SSD 6Gb/s SATA PCIe 2.0 Drive Card for SSDs RM560 1


StarTech.com 1 Port eSATA + 1 Port SATA PCI SATA Controller Card w/ L RM171 1
StarTech.com 2 Port ISA RS232 Serial Adapter Card with 16550 UART - S RM226 1
StarTech.com 2x M.2 NGFF SSD RAID Controller Card plus 2x SATA III Po RM492 1
StarTech.com 4 Port Low Profile Native RS232 PCI Express Serial Card RM571 1
StarTech.com mSATA to SATA HDD / SSD Adapter - Mini SATA to SATA Conv RM126 1
StarTech.com PCI Express SATA III RAID Controller Card with Mini-SAS RM389 1


Transcend CompactFlash Adapter RM107 1
Transcend PDU3 USB 3.0 Expansion Card RM69 1


Visiontek 1 x 1GB PC3200 DDR 400MHz 184-pin DIMM Memory Module RM147 1
Visiontek 1 x 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3 1600MHz 204-pin SODIMM Memory Module RM511 1