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Canon C100 Cinema EOS Camera

Verdict: The little brother of the C300 and C500, the C100 puts out similar images to its bigger, higher end siblings. It's well-built, lightweight, and has many of the functions one has come to expect from Canon.
2 years ago

Review: Canon EOS C100 Cinema Camera

Verdict: DSLRs are all the rage lately for video production. Yes, they can produce great images, and benefit from all the lenses available to your DSLR. However, their limitations on length of a shoot and the possibility of overheating make them a challenge.
4 years ago
Church Production Magazine

Canon C100 review

Verdict: The Canon C100 is a little beyond our usual consumer scope, as it steps over the line into professional video kit - despite being the cheapest model in Canon's C-range lineup. Still, it's an intriguing device for anyone interested in shooting video and it shows the way forward not just for video...
4 years ago

Canon EOS C100

Pros: Fantastic image quality, Compatible with Canon EF lenses, Professional-grade audio connectivity
Cons: Still relatively expensive, Shoulder use requires extra attachment, No 50p, 60p or high-speed shooting
Verdict: The Canon EOS C100 is a professional camcorder with a Digital SLR-sized sensor and interchangeable EF mount lenses to provide film-like performance on HD video. It's part of the Canon EOS Cinema range, a range that adapts the video shooting prowess of DSLRs like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II in a body...
4 years ago

Low-Budget Movie Maker

Verdict: Outgrown your 5D Mark II(I) or 7D, but not quite ready to shell out $16 large for the Canon C300? Meet the Canon EOS C100 ($7,999) . A budget entry solution into the Canon Cinema EOS system , the C100 is designed for indy outfits or overly zealous amateurs.
5 years ago
Gear Patrol

Canon Cinema EOS C100 First Impressions Review

Pros: Far cheaper than Canon's other Cinema EOS cameras, Extra auto controls and a 15% size reduction from the C300
Cons: AVCHD compression may not satisfy pros, Only offered with an EF-mount (no PL-mount option
Verdict: Announced just a few weeks ago, the EOS C100 is the newest member of Canon's Cinema EOS line-a series of professional cameras designed specifically for filmmaking. At $8000, the C100 is the cheapest member of this family, which also includes the EOS C300 ($16,000) and the 4k-capable EOS C500...
5 years ago

Great Product and Clean

Verdict: a bit weird that the lens doesn't come in the proper box BUT there is a friendly note about it and how Canon shipped it etc. Great Product and Clean footage
10 months ago

Close to perfect for what it is

Verdict: If you shoot run and gun, independent docs, or the like and need to travel light or have a limited budget, but want incredible images with little fuss... then this is a good camera. I've been making a living as a shooter for the last 15-years.
1 year ago
B&H Photo

Great camera, perfect for run and gun work

Pros: Great Features, Great Picture Quality, Lightweight
Verdict: Great for using on the hoof, great picture but not broadcast quality! Spend a little more on a Atomos Ninja and your in business.
2 years ago

Remarkable improvements over the mark 1, but a tough call in a year of 4k buzzing around.

Verdict: I've been using the C100 for several years now, it's been a great camera for me and has worked well in a lot of varying situations. It definitely isn't perfect though, and i've been among the many voices throwing ideas at canon.
2 years ago
Verdict: if you are an amateur videographer like i am and is really into film making and has been making films and know the basic use of a DSLR and u wanna get to that next level the canon C100 is probably the best one to start with.
3 years ago

Fantastic if you're into grading

Pros: Great ergonomics, Great IQ
Verdict: The AF isn't everything I thought it would be, but I may just need to experiment more. My RX10 AF is just as good if not better. Image quality is insanely good however, especially in C Log mode, just took me a week to learn how to do it.
3 years ago

The negatives are easily overcome

Pros: image quality, ergonomics
Cons: nothing that can't be overcome
Verdict: You can read all about the features in the other reviews. This is just a comment on the solutions for the three gripes that everyone complains about. 1. Slow motion. Switch the camera to 60i or 50i and then with two clicks in your edit suite you have slow motion!
3 years ago
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