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Beyerdynamic DTX 501 P

Verdict: This is my first review after lurking around many years on headfi. I decided to write this mainly because I am somehow surprised these go a bit underappreciated on head-fi. But I also understand that because I did not appreciate them enough when i got them.
Pros: Very musical sound; great bass
Cons: Not comfortable for long sessions caused by unreasonable design; Some might find the sound too "heavy", not fun

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6 years ago

Beyerdynamic DTX 501 p

Verdict: Insightful, dynamic and utterly engaging, the Beyerdynamic DTX 501 p headphones are one of the best-sounding portable pairs we've heard at this price.
Pros: Gorgeous sound quality, Punch, agile timing, Clear, open highs, Deep, textured basslines, Dynamic and detailed, Lightweight, foldable design
Cons: Loose fit won't suit everyone, No in-line mic or controls

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4 years ago
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