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Beyerdynamic DTX 501 P
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Value for money

Beyerdynamic DTX 501 p

Pros: Gorgeous sound quality, Punch, agile timing, Clear, open highs, Deep, textured basslines, Dynamic and detailed, Lightweight, foldable design
Cons: Loose fit won't suit everyone, No in-line mic or controls
Verdict: Insightful, dynamic and utterly engaging, the Beyerdynamic DTX 501 p headphones are one of the best-sounding portable pairs we've heard at this price.
3 years ago
What Hi-Fi?
Pros: Very musical sound; great bass
Cons: Not comfortable for long sessions caused by unreasonable design; Some might find the sound too "heavy", not fun
Verdict: This is my first review after lurking around many years on headfi. I decided to write this mainly because I am somehow surprised these go a bit underappreciated on head-fi. But I also understand that because I did not appreciate them enough when i got them.
5 years ago

Review: Beyerdynamic DTX 501p headphone

Verdict: To reviewers, accusations of bias are just part of the gig. Commenting readers have insisted we're biased against certain brands, biased against in-ear monitors, biased against headphones with lots of bass, biased against headphones with flat bass, even biased against headphones from non-California...
6 years ago
Sound & Vision Magazine

Fantastic and portable headphones

Pros: The Beyerdynamic DTX 501p headphones are very compact and come with a small travel case.When you put them on they seal themselves on you ears and produce a sound you would expect from much larger headphones. They are very comfortable and the sound is glorious.
Cons: None
Verdict: I knew they would sound good. Didn't expect how great they would sound. I own many headphones and these quickly became my favorite travel headphones. I also use them at home because they feel so comfortable and sound excellent.I love Beyerdynamic headphones. Was this review helpful? |
3 years ago

Beyerdynamic DTX501p Stereo Headphone review by Dale

Verdict: Sources: iPhone5, iPhone5 with PA2V2/FiiO E07k/Decware Zen Head amps using the LOD, various computers using the Microstreamer and Beyerdynamic A200p DAC/amps. Review notes: My first impressions of the sound of the DTX501p are based on direct comparisons to other headphones - in particular the FAD...
4 years ago

Beyerdynamic DTX501p - 5 Star Product

Verdict: "Preface: Beyerdynamic is an iconic well-established brand that is not only a music industry icon for innovation and design efficiency, but also one that is highly regarded for many for their understanding the users needs and transforming this into a perfectly executed package.
5 years ago

1 of the Best portable headphone out there.

Verdict: closed back headphone with epic bass response. portable and I'm using it on a daily basis during workouts and cycling.
5 years ago

Unbeatable for the Price

Verdict: I got these for traveling. I wanted a pair of quality phones with decent isolation that were light and compact and not so expensive that losing them would be a crisis. I couldn't be happier with them.
5 years ago
Sonic Electronix

The winner of the category

Verdict: In short, after my akg 450 is actually failed (the son has not changed every 3 months huh) I decided to start researching to find a new headset reliable, easy to arrange transportation, which isolates a minimum but I really wanted to go on a range above that offered this kind of headphone usual.
5 years ago
Verdict: The DTX501p has very good bass like a larger headphone, it has rolled off highs that can be mostly compensated with simple EQ, and it has some uneven response between 1 khz and 3.5 khz - 2 significant peaks and one significant recession.
6 years ago
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